Angel Mañas, Director financer

Berta Garcia, planificadora de mitjans

David Sambola, Conseller Delegat

Gerard Costa, Assesor estratègic de màrqueting

Jordi Cabanes, Director Creatiu

J. J. Vico, Director de Mitjans

Laura Costero, Executiva de Comptes

Luis Reina, Director Creatiu Executiu

Oriol Bertran, Director General

Pitus Andreu, Creatiu

Susana, Directora d'Art

Amalgama, Partner digital


This is the Scacs homepage, but it’s not just any homepage. We want to turn it into a collaborative window open to any kind of expression. Every so often we will change the images to make room for the work of our friends, partners and – why not!? – anyone who offers to participate in this project. If you’re interested, send us an email at